Simple church”… “home church”…”organic church”…all are terms used to describe one manner in which God appears to be restoring His church - gathering together, often in a home, to share a meal and to encourage one another.  This “gathering together of the church” is a time for each and every member of the body of Christ to bring their “portion,” by the Spirit of God, so that the body of Christ might be built up in the Lord.  All of this takes place under the direct Headship of Jesus Christ alone, but with authentic accountability within the body of Christ. Our personal accountability is to James Goll and Don Robertson, as well as to our peers.  “Simple church” is real.  Simple church is relational ~ family and friends.  Simple church is the body of Christ being.  The “church” does not constitute buildings and institutions, but rather “church” is who we ARE.  Church is not about going or doing, but becoming that living temple for our Living God.   

Jim and Kathleen Mills have been sent out to plant Living Rooms of His Presence. As a result, they continue to host gatherings in their home and encourage friends and family to do the same.  The Wings team recognizes with great respect how our God works through a variety of styles.  Different isn’t better and it isn’t wrong, just different.,  The term simple church is not intended to imply that other paths are complicated, but describes this format ~ plain, not fancy, ordinary, basic. Simple church is one of God’s resources for the end-time harvest and is a complement to the more familiar conventional formats. It is with continued honor for God’s on-going work within the more traditional paradigm of the Church, and with an undeniable desire to follow His commission, that we take this step ‘back’ to a New Testament model to see more distinctly how He would have us move forward.
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James Goll