True Colors through Silk Painting
The art of and expression through silk painting was a gift given to me through my youngest son in 2002.  An emphasis on the restoration of the arts in the context of worship had been a significant part of my life since 1995, with a focus on flags.  Creativity was most often expressed through fabrics and textile art forms until the “silk well” was uncapped in me and painting became a true passion. 

Over the past 11 years, I have had the joy of sharing this gift with countless men, women and children in and outside our nation.  A celebration of life, a yielding of self-will, and trusting in an outcome are developed through silk painting.  One of my life passions is to provide opportunity for trained and untrained artists alike to unclog their creative arteries and let the beauty spring forth, uninterrupted by judgment and criticism - to experience the delight of childlike release over a silk stretched on a frame. Let YOUR true colors flow!

Principles of teamwork come alive when two or more paint together.  New levels of freedom in expression and trust are uncovered.  “Simplicity” is the brand of a sewing pattern we used when my mother taught me the art of sewing.  Simplicity also describes my style of silk painting.  An African proverb says, “The daughter of a lion is a lion.”  We are all born with not just the ability to create, but the need to express that creativity in all manners.  The daughter of the Creator is a creator…as is the son.                      Kathleen Mills                                                             

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