Chaplaincy in the 21st Century - The Church without Walls

Chaplains are men and women who serve as ministers in the marketplace.   They provide comfort and counsel in confidentiality to their community. Simply put, they are the hands, heart and ears of Jesus to the people of this world. 

Having completed initial training in 2007, Jim and Kathleen both serve as licensed, ordained senior chaplains with the IFOC and seek to facilitate the development and growth of a chaplain network in the greater Cincinnati/southwestern Ohio area – chaplains who will serve both their community and one another.  They are working with others in the region to develop, train and support a team of motivated, caring chaplains who are known for their excellence in integrity, honest, commitment and preparedness. In association with the International Fellowship of Chaplains, Inc., they are available to assist in critical incidents, including emergency and disaster response.  They are also available to speak to your 
organization or church about individual and community emergency preparedness for these times.
For additional information on chaplaincy, please visit or email Jim Mills at .
Chaplaincy is a LIFESTYLE not a ministry!